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Laser Scanning Low Library
Combining laser scanning hardware and dynamic visualization in

Anaglyph rendering of Low Library point scan (use red/cyan or red/blue 3D glasses). Also in YouTube native 3D here.
3D scanning is a maturing technology that can document complex spaces with extreme accuracy and enable further digital interactions. The Columbia University Robotics Group has been pioneering methodologies to acquire and integrate spatial information through laser scanning. Laser scanning produces dense point clouds that give extremely accurate measurements of the spatial and material conditions. The Cloud Lab worked with the Robotics Group to create a 3D point scan of the Low Library rotunda, a historic structure located at the heart of Columbia University's NYC campus. This data set will be utilized for future research project on augmented reality and other spatial/informational hybrids.


Low Library 3D Scan Setup
Exterior rendering of point scan data
Cloud Lab Researchers and Columbia CS students checking progress of 3D point scan
Checking the progress of the 3D scanner.
Setting up the 3D scanner in the Low Library rotunda
Setting up the Leica 3D scanner.

News and Announcements
  • Posted a video to YouTube. 4/26/2011
Project Researchers

This project was conducted with Peter Allen's COMS E6733 3D Photography Class and the Columbia University Robotics Group. This project utilized the Robotics Group's Leica Geosystems HDS surveryor 3D scanning system.

Research conducted at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation.
Texture map from the laser scanning equipment

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