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DUMBO Neural Cartography
A project to visualize a day in the mental life of a neighborhood
With the Van Alen Institute


A visualization of mental phenomenon set within a neighborhood of New York City. A group of volunteer citizen scientists contributed their brain waves in a collective visualization of a day-in-a-life of a neighborhood’s mental states.
The project utilizes the NeuroSky Mind Wave Mobile (a brain computer interface) and a custom app that tracks GPS and heading to associate what a person is experiencing with where they are perceiving. The map visualization overlays many people's subjective experience to discover patterns and common responses to environmental stimuli such as parks, infrastructure and the block structure.
The DUMBO site is the third in a series of Neural Cartography projects by the Cloud Lab.


Close up View of Mental Activity Projected on City
What does brain wave data look like? We project mental activity directly onto the participating surfaces of the city.
Dumbo Neural Cartography Rendering of Mental Activity
Why DUMBO? A three square block area of the DUMBO neighborhood of New York City was chosen for its diverse array of prototypical urban environments.
Dumbo Neural Cartography Rendering of Mental Activity
In our maps, Cyan represents meditation and Red represents attention. Regions of red indicate areas where many of our participants shared a hightened attention.

Project Researchers Research conducted in partnership between the GSAPP Cloud Lab and the Van Alen Institute as part of the Elsewhere Spring 2014 Program Series.

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