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An experimental lab that explores the design of our environment through emerging technologies in computing, interface and device culture.
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Digital Lathe with Microsoft Kinect

This is your hands on architecture. Building Modeling + Motion Capture
A Prototype of the Digital Lathe
Modeling tools for architects and designers have largely been envisioned within the paradigm set early on in visual computing. Precise mouse or pen-based movement has given us high accuracy but fairly low bandwidth in expressing all we are capable of.

Microsoft Kinect
Inexpensive motion capture technology, such as Microsoft's innovative Kinect game controller, are great tools for investigating alternative forms of modeling. In this case, the conventional lathe becomes a departure point to investigate how new digital tools can infuse new possibilities in 3D modeling.

The Digital Lathe is built in Processing and uses Dan Shiffman's port of the OpenKinect library.
Project Researchers Research conducted at the Columbia University
Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation.
Kinect Digital Lathe in 3D
Digital Lathe in Anaglyph 3D, visualized in

The Cloud Lab is directed by Toru Hasegawa and Mark Collins
The lab resides at the Graduate School of Architecture Planning & Preservation, Columbia University
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