The Cloud Lab at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation
An experimental lab that explores the design of our environment through emerging technologies in computing, interface and device culture.
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Lincoln Center Neural Cartography
Recording and visualizing the brain's response to spatial experiences and city morphology
Lincoln Center Campus, Hearst Plaza 2010. Brain-wave data associated with 3D geometry, interactive visualization.
How does architecture and the environment shape our own cognitive state? This project utlizes custom software to record and project mental activity on the city itself. Utilizing smartphones and mobile EEG recording devices, this software generates 3-dimensional cognitive maps based on the sensing of brain waves, location and movement.

Architects have been thinking about space and perception for thousands of years. Advances in Brain-Computer Interfaces and Neurological monitoring now give us an opportunity to literally "see" these impressions, allowing designers to measure and even anticipate cognitive value. Combining commercial grade EEG (brain wave) equipment and mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad, the GSAPP Clould Lab is investigating multiple roles for this new technology.
Research Areas and Projects:
  • Neurological City Maps
  • Architecture Neurological Index - collections of neurological readings relative to significant urbanism
  • Auto-video/audio flagging
  • Augmented reality display of neuro-activity
  • Pre-occupancy studies - neurological values represented in BIM models
Project Researchers Research conducted at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation.


The Cloud Lab is directed by Toru Hasegawa and Mark Collins
The lab resides at the Graduate School of Architecture Planning & Preservation, Columbia University
400 Avery Hall 1172 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027
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