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EEG Scalp Maps based on Structural Engineering Task

Structural Design by Mind

Using pre-conscious thought for structural design. Based on the cortically-couple computer vision project of Columbia University LIINC.

Experiment Narrative

How good is our "gut" on perceiving performance? Does our day to day interaction with the physicality of the world force our brains to build sophicticated (and under-utilized) structural engineering wetware? What about experts, who think about structure in many ways, who interact with that knowledge through a variety of strategies and contexts? Are their brains different - either structurally or functionaly?
These are the questions underpinning this research into the development of a BCI-assisted structural design system. Brain computer interface allows us to look for specific neurological artifacts in the context of human activity. This projects aims to design a real-time system for structural design optimization.

Media and Downloads

Voxel Grid Example Stimuli Target
Example Stimuli - Target
Voxel Grid Example Stimuli Distractor
Example Stimuli - Distractor
Voxel Grid Example Stimuli
Example Stimuli - Ambiguous
Project Researchers

Research conducted at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation

This project utilizes intelligence, support and tools from the Columbia University Laboratory for Intelligent Imaging and Neural Computing (LIINC).
This experiment originated in: BRAIN HACKING
GSAPP Advanced Studio

Mark Collins Emotiv EEG HeadsetColumbia University
Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation

The Cloud Lab is directed by Toru Hasegawa and Mark Collins
The lab resides at the Graduate School of Architecture Planning & Preservation, Columbia University
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