The Cloud Lab at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation
An experimental lab that explores the design of our environment through emerging technologies in computing, interface and device culture.
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Clouds have already been utilized to expand the knowledge frontiers of science, medicine, productivity and entertainment. Clouds work through scalability and vast participation. Clouds bring new understanding to old problems and let us pose new questions. Clouds are a new way of thinking.

Our mission is to expand the knowledge frontier of architecture through the application of unique computing technologies to the physical environment. We examine how big data, mass adoption and exponential growth are restructuring space. We explore technologies and applications that promote new forms of interaction with the city.

The Cloud Lab was formed in 2010 by Mark Collins and Toru Hasegawa at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation (GSAPP).

Selected Projects

How Does the Brain Respond to the City Neuroscience and Architecture
DUMBO Neural Cartography with The Van Alen Institute
A project to visualize a day in the mental life of a neighborhood.
Code Dojo
Competition-based code instruction. Learn to program with simple visual programming challenges.

Hiroshi Ishiguro CB2 Robot
Hiroshi Ishiguro Interview
Roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro, discussing his thoughts on the future of robotics, the environment and human experience.
Tinycode twitter project
Tiny Code Project
Tweeting small programs. What can you write in 144 characters?

Low Library 3D Point Scan
3D Scanning of Low Library
A project with the CU Robotics Group to scan Low Library, a historic structure located at the heart of Columbia University.
Lincoln Center Neural Cartography
Lincoln Center Neural Cartography
The project uses EEG brain-scanning to understand the physical environment's affect on the brain.

The Cloud Lab is directed by Toru Hasegawa and Mark Collins
The lab resides at the Graduate School of Architecture Planning & Preservation, Columbia University
400 Avery Hall 1172 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027
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